A tradition of excellence, forged for the modern world.

Client care and reliability of  service remain center of all that we do.

About Us

Code law situated in Mumbai with various affiliates over several key cities of India, is a budding full service law firm that thrives on its motto of cracking the password to your problems by creating modern solutions for the difficulties of the new millenia with a time bound, budget friendly, one-on-one approach. We operate with a view that NO MATTER THE PROBLEM, WE SHALL CRACK THE CODE!

With vast experience spanning across multifarious fields including but not limited to Dispute Resolution, ADR, Criminal Litigation, Real Estate & RERA, Family law, taxation, employment issues, Aviation, Corporate litigation & Non Litigation etc, CODE is spreading its wings across multiple sectors while taking every field of law expertly into its fold as it developes a unique identity that is truly its own PASSWORD.

From the Highest decorated Courts of the Land down to the simple alley ways of justice, CODE LAW moves to the rhythym of success and delivers the same for its clients all across the board.

We live by a Code. We uphold the Law.
We believe that Right always Wins over Wrong.
And the Client is Always Right.

Our Vision

Putting our clients first is a simple philosophy but one that flows throughout every aspect of our existence.

Our Mission

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client and to continue our tryst with excellence with affordable, creative and relentless innovation.

Core Values

Ethos, Integrity, Confidentiality, Trust and Credibility delivered in a package for your holistic Legal needs.

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